!dea Incubation Cards, Just for You!

!dea Incubator Cards are one of our homegrown concepting tools. We’ve created a 2012 edition and put our card deck online so that anyone can print them out and try using them too!
The cards encourage surfacing a volume of concepts rapidly and a focus on integrating key values. These types of card games can be a method for introducing design parameters and providing some structure around brainstorming. We have 4 card values: blue cards (tech trends), green cards (education en vogue), red cards (learner actions), and purple cards (models to hack). Visit our Process page to download your own !dea Incubation Card Deck. Try playing them! And let us know if they work well in helping you generate your own promising ideas.
Over the last month, using a variety of concepting methods, including our cards, we’ve brewed up over 42 concepts for our current Design Cycle. We also did some analysis and pattern seeking. In our 2012 Look Book, you can see the themes that surfaced across our concepts and browse the rough storyboards. Let us know which concepts are your favorites.

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