The EDesign Lab (pronounced “ED-Design”) is a collaboration between educators, technologists, and designers to co-imagine and rapidly prototype real examples of what learning experiences can look like that integrate emerging digital contexts, extend learning outside of the classroom, and improve student motivation, engagement and success.

We’re focused on iteratively prototyping and quickly trying out in the field digital learning experiences in the context of:

Interactive data visualizations and content mashups
Mobile applications, geo-data, place-based interactions
Games and simulations
Emerging interfaces and modalities: embodied, touch, sensors
Collaborative production, problem-solving, and sharing
Networks and intelligent resourcing

We are also testing some hunches:

Hunch #1

Cross-pollinating teachers with deep expertise in student-centered learning interactions and technologists with deep expertise about digital interactions to concept together from the beginning will produce learning experiences that look different from a technologist or teacher tinkering on their own.

Hunch #2

Innovation comes at the intersection of disciplines, but methods are needed to grow that kind of shared culture and community of practice.

Hunch #3

The amount of user-centered design that goes into the creation of a new consumer product should be the same as the amount of learner-centered design that goes into creating new education.

Hunch #4

Maintaining a focus on the student learning experience and learning needs can produce more compelling learning technologies. There’s a tendency to design for administrators first rather than the learner first.  And sometimes people don’t know what to do with shiny boxes (whiteboards, laptops, etc).

Hunch #5

Education must aim at the emerging, not just the current.


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Open Source:  

This initiative ran from 2011 through 2014. This site remains as documentation and a resource for individuals and institutions interested in learning about the methodologies developed.


Seed funded by the Ford Foundation, The EDesign Lab was incubated and hosted at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center and New Visions for Public Schools.