Announcing A Prototyping Bootcamp: Spreading EDesign Methods


New year, new targets.  As we reflect on one of our original hunches, that there are creative technologists and teachers in every locality who can co-imagine, co-problem solve and co-design the next generation of of digital learning experiences and change the eco-system, this belief now seems to have penetrated the mainstream.  EDesign’s intention has always been to foster this culture and package our methods as a framework such that other networks can adopt our techniques to reach a larger number of teachers, technologists, and students.

This spring, we’ve teamed up with 4.0 Schools to do just that and build a 12 week Prototyping Bootcamp.  How can we re-imagine education so that it actually prepares students for a world we can’t predict?  There is no one right answer, we are looking for people crazy enough to test their ideas for the future of education, one piece at a time.  Over a series of lab sessions and field testing opportunities, a community of educators and technologists will concept and prototype digital learning experiences that can be put to the test in diverse learning environments.  To learn more or apply click here.


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