Baking Overpass, Linky, and QueryUs

The lab is already deep in Design Cycle 2 (you’ll be seeing some glimpses very soon).  In wrapping up Design Cycle 1 (DC1), aside from our home videos from our mini-exchange in late January, we’ve created webpages for each of our 2012-2013 DC1 prototypes to summarize key features and highlight learning concepts each examined and sought to address.





You can visit “Overpass” (a web-based game where learners must construct and cross metaphorical argument bridges), “Linky” (an app that challenges learners to collect images from their everyday lives, connect them to themes within lessons, and sense-make), and “QueryUs” (a web app that challenges learners to parse open data sets and publish query functions to answer relevant questions).   As always, we welcome feedback, ideas, and collaborators.  So drop us a line if you’re interested in trying out a prototype and/or helping in its development.


A quick teaser:  We’re also planning towards a public hackathon in NYC in mid-May, so continued “wrapping  up” of our DC1 prototypes includes creating pathways to open source projects to the developer community.



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