Into iTunes App Store and Google Apps Marketplace


A round of cheers to Ryan Raffa, Anna Pinkas, and Eric Allata for publishing a first version of Breadcrumbs.   Co-developed by teachers and technologists, the iPad app records and visualizes a person’s math problem solving process and enables retracings for reflection.   It’s now available for free and easy download from the App Store.   You can also watch a walkthrough video and thumb through its Learning Guide for examples on how to apply it on the Breadcrumbs Page.

EDesign Lab engages its members in small group inquiry; we hope to expand that circle.  As a working prototype, leaving Breadcrumbs distribution to individual requests and manual permissions for downloading via TestFlight limited the number of teachers who could simply access it.   The intention with putting a basic version of Breadcrumbs out into a marketplace, aside from it hopefully being immediately useful, is to encourage peer exchanges about how math teachers might apply it, how students might use it, and what works.  The team will be continuing the development of Breadcrumbs in the future after this initial launch, and welcome feedback.

Another recently developed project, Because, is in the process of being approved by the Google Apps Marketplace.   While it can already be accessed by visiting a URL, making the effort to list recognizes the need to facilitate find-ability amongst a wider community.   A ready plug-in for schools and educators using Google Accounts, Because works like group writing on Google Docs, but instead of a word-based document, learners jointly contribute to adding Markers to a image or graph to collaboratively investigate cause and effects.  All individuals contributions and changes to the group document is reflected in real-time.  You can check out more details on the Because Page.


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