Our Definition of prototype: n.
1. an experimental working model of a digital learning experience that can be quickly tried out by students and teachers
2. a tangible example of what a solution might look like for a specific learning need
3. a blueprint of specs for one approach to designing a digital learning application
1. iterative, inventive inquiry
2. asking “what if learners could…”
3. modeling learning interactions and designing learning experiencesWe invite Teachers to design learning activities with our prototypes and Technologists to fork or contribute to our code.
Breadcrumbs Because Robin Review


What if learners could reflect on their problem solving process, watch rewinded actions, and tag traces in their strategies?


What if a group of learners could collaboratively investigate and add to a graph, diagram, or image in real-time to dynamically discover causal relationships?

Robin Review

What if a group of learners could become each others’ editors and critiquers?

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What if learners could collect images from their everyday lives and connect them to concepts learned in class?


What if learners could practice developing argument skills at their own pace in a game-like environment?


What if learners could build search algorithms so that open data could be seen as a primary source like historical documents?

Reading Robot Evidently Discussion Spawn

Reading Robot

What if learners had a friend who could listen to them read and ask questions to encourage active reading?

What if learners had a community for publishing claims, voting on what should get tested, and watching peers generate experimental evidence about which claims are true and why?

Discussion Spawn

What if the online discussion board evolved, and learners could group debate in a more contextualized and media rich way?

My Learning Story Read Rap Rock Time Traveling Tech Support

My Learning Story

What if learners could interact with a narrative visualization of their interests and progress?

Read Rap Rock

What if special ed students could play an interactive karaoke-style game that turned mundane phonic word lists into meaningful imagery and sounds?

Time Traveling Tech Support

What if learners who don’t have electronic fabrication materials could go on electronic missions and build with virtual parts?



What if learners had guidance transitioning from block-based coding to professionally used text-based coding languages?