My Learning Story

Interactive Narrative Visualization of Progress

Design Cycle I: 2011 – 3 months

Daily collection of meaningful learning actions

Document your learning story. 

Like a journal and personal narrative, input your actions (researched, wrote, read, talked, helped, created), artifacts produced, and associated moods. For example, Today I (read) (100 emails), and am feeling (overwhelmed).

Visualizations of personal learning process trends

See patterns in your actions and sentiments.

Charts of frequencies and the relationships between your types of actions and and correlated associations through time. Potential to transform into sharable, printed books.

Support learner reflections and goal setting

Analyze your own behavioral data.

Reflect on what frequent and infrequent actions might mean for personal adjustments to improve or a better understanding of oneself. For example, if you are excited when you research and write about space ships, and get stressed out when you help on musical productions what that suggests about your path.

Facilitate teacher and learner conversations

Specific examples to ground mentorship

Have shared reference points for discussing gaps or blossoming potential.