Read Rap Rock

Reading Through Karaoke Style Game

Design Cycle I: 2011 – 3 months


Interactive karaoke style game

Turns mundane phonics word lists, sentences and stories into singing rounds

Inspired from “rap battles” where two rappers go head to head with the crowd making judgments on who “won”; Students are grouped and “battle” by singing along to a part of a word, a full word, or sentence. Players collect words into their word bank as they level up to freestyle rap challenge their peers.

Practice enhanced through musical rhythms and images

Scaffolding of word sounds, syllables, and meaning

Designed for special ed students, simple syllables and eventually more compound words are musically timed with representative images.

Performance and immediate feedback

Playful way of demonstrating understanding.

Teacher, along with the other students, provide feedback to help out student singers who make a mistake.