Initial Concepts are Online for Feedback

We want to open up our design process and enable more people  to contribute their ideas and feedback on our works in progress (via our Gallery).    After the last lab session our teams put together initial concept overviews to share with the public.   We expect our concepts to change and believe collaborative re-thinking is a good thing.   Comments from learners, teachers, technologists, and other experts will inform our continual iterations.   Specifically, we’re looking for constructive feedback on whether you feel the concepts are valuable learning experiences for students and not just minor incremental improvements.   We welcome ideas on how to make the concepts stronger;  remembering, it’s not about the technology, it’s about the new types of experiences that can be created.   Check out our Design Cycle 1 concepts  so far (more coming).


More Kickoff Videos

We’ve uploaded a few more informal videos from our kickoff weekend.  You can watch our DTC Lab teachers sharing ideas they’ve been experimenting with and questions about how to push new ideas further and our technologists presenting their current work and wonderings about how to apply similar ideas to k12 education. A third talk focused on Games and Simulations and questions like:  how can locative and social game mechanics  be leveraged for learning?  how are games valuable as interactive systems?  how can games that change real world actions lead to learning?  The final talk focused on Emerging Interfaces and questions like:  what are new ways of input, output, and interaction with information/people/tools?  how does the physical aspect of interaction enable new forms of learning?  how can interfaces embed and engage information for learning? why is it relevant to open the black box of technology?  View Videos >>