Kickoff Talks: Seeding Ideas

We’ll be sharing a few informal videos of our kickoff talks.  Our guests were asked to “awesome-hunt” and curate some  inspiring examples of developments in their field to spark our rapid group concepting charettes.  The first talk focused on Data Viz and Content Remashing and questions we’re considering:  how are people navigating through, making sense of, and creating within the growing ubiquity of data?  how might we rethink what we track and how we visualize learning and progress to help learner’s re-adjust and enable new lines of reasoning?  The second talk focused on Mobile, Geo-data, and Place-based Interactions and questions like:  how can location context influence learning?  how might we tap into existing APIs or geo-data (or create new geo-data) to change understandings and interactions of/with places?  how might we connect multiple nodes (places, people, information) for a learner?  Watch them here.
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